Wooden Multicolor 16 Shapes Sorting Board


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Introducing our Wooden Multicolor 16 Shapes Sorting Board – a captivating and educational toy designed to enhance cognitive skills. With dimensions of 8×8 inches, this sorting board provides a compact yet engaging platform for young learners.

Featuring 16 distinct shapes, each rendered in a different vibrant color, this wooden sorting board encourages exploration and shape recognition. Children can enjoy the tactile experience of sorting and matching while appreciating the rainbow of colors presented.

Crafted with high-quality wood, this sorting board ensures durability and a safe playtime environment. Its thoughtful design facilitates not only shape recognition but also the development of fine motor skills as children manipulate and place the colorful pieces.

The Wooden Multicolor 16 Shapes Sorting Board is an ideal tool for early learning, providing a visually stimulating and hands-on way for children to explore shapes and colors.


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