Wooden 4 Images Puzzle Sticks Matching Game


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Introducing our Wooden 4 Images Puzzle Sticks Matching Game, a delightful and educational toy that encourages problem-solving and creativity in children.

This set includes six 4-sided wooden sticks, and each side of these sticks features a different cartoon image. The challenge is for kids to arrange the sticks in a way that the images on the sides align and form a complete picture. It’s a fun and engaging way for children to enhance their visual-spatial skills and cognitive abilities.

With colorful and captivating cartoon prints, this game not only stimulates the brain but also captures a child’s imagination. It’s perfect for solo play or to enjoy with friends and family, promoting social interaction and healthy competition.

Crafted from high-quality wood, these puzzle sticks are durable and built to withstand hours of play. They make an excellent addition to any child’s toy collection and are suitable for kids of various ages.


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