Wooden Multicolor Jigsaw Logic Thinking Puzzle-48 Patterns


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Looking for a safe and colorful educational toy for your child? Look no further than our high-quality wooden alphabet blocks! Made from durable and eco-friendly solid wood, these blocks are built to last and fit together perfectly. With a smooth and delicate surface, your child can play with these blocks without worrying about any rough edges or burrs.

Our 65 piece puzzle set comes in vibrant colors that are sure to grab your child’s attention. These colors are bright and shiny, but not too overwhelming or acidic. They help improve your child’s ability to recognize and differentiate between colors, making this toy an excellent teacher of color perception and visual lighting.

But that’s not all – our wooden pattern block set is designed to let your child’s imagination soar! With endless possibilities for shapes and designs, this toy helps improve brain function and hand-eye coordination.


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