Wooden Multicolor Counting Backgammon Stacking Beads


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Introducing our Wooden Multicolor Counting Backgammon Stacking Rings – a captivating educational toy that transforms learning into an exciting adventure! This set features a collection of wooden pillars, each adorned with numbers. Kids can engage in a delightful counting activity by placing colorful beads on the pillars according to the corresponding numbers.

This interactive toy not only enhances counting skills but also promotes fine motor development and hand-eye coordination. As children stack the rings and beads, they’re not just having fun; they’re also laying the foundation for mathematical concepts.

The multicolor design adds a touch of visual appeal, making learning through play both engaging and enjoyable. Watch as your child explores the world of numbers with our Wooden Multicolor Counting Backgammon Stacking Rings, where learning meets fun and adventure!


Red, White


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