Soft Silicone Building Blocks Stacking Jenga Ring Tower


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Introducing the Stacking Teething and Building Blocks! This versatile toy offers a range of engaging activities to promote learning and development in children.

The Stacking Teething and Building Blocks set features vibrant colors and various shapes that capture the attention of little ones. Children can stack the blocks, improving their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while exploring their creativity.

Designed with teething in mind, these blocks also serve as soothing teethers, providing relief during the teething process. The soft, BPA-free material is safe for babies to chew on, making it a practical and enjoyable toy for early stages of development.

The blocks offer a multi-sensory experience with different textures, colors, and patterns. This stimulates sensory exploration, helping children develop their senses while having fun.

Promoting cognitive skills, the Stacking Teething and Building Blocks encourage problem-solving and spatial awareness. As children experiment with different combinations and structures, they enhance their logical thinking and creativity.


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