Clay Color Ice Cream Play Dough Party Set


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Introducing our Clay Color Ice Cream Play Dough Party Set – a vibrant and engaging kit designed to ignite the imagination and creativity of young artists. Inside this comprehensive set, you’ll discover an array of exciting components.

First, there are six lively colors of clay, each one pliable and bursting with potential. These colors serve as the foundation for crafting a wide array of delicious-looking clay ice cream treats. With the included tool set, children have the means to shape, sculpt, and add intricate details to their creations. This set of tools provides a hands-on experience that not only refines fine motor skills but also encourages artistic expression.

To further enhance the tactile experience, we’ve included special clay paper. This unique addition allows young artists to add texture and depth to their clay ice cream masterpieces. Finally, the set comes complete with an ice cream maker, providing a delightful interactive element. With this feature, kids can transform their clay creations into lifelike ice cream cones and sundaes, adding a touch of realism and playfulness to their imaginative endeavors


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