Magnetic Balls & Sticks Building Blocks Set-63 pcs


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Discover the endless possibilities of creativity and engineering with our Multicolor Magnetic Balls & Sticks Building Construction Set, featuring a whopping 63 pieces!

This set is designed to spark your child’s imagination and facilitate hands-on learning. Each piece is crafted with precision, featuring strong magnets that effortlessly connect to create a wide array of structures. From simple geometric shapes to complex 3D designs, the possibilities are limitless.

The vivid multicolor design adds a fun element to the building process, making it both visually stimulating and mentally engaging. Children can experiment with different combinations, learning about magnetic forces and structural stability while having a blast.

Our Magnetic Balls & Sticks Construction Set is not only a fantastic educational tool but also a source of endless entertainment. It’s perfect for solo play, group activities, or quality family bonding time.


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