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Classic Mini Colorful Blocks Stacking Jenga-45 Pcs


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Introducing our Classic Mini Colorful Blocks Stacking Jenga, the timeless game that brings friends and family together for hours of fun and excitement. With 45 colorful blocks and a towering height of 6 inches, this game is a miniaturized version of the beloved classic.

This game is a test of skill and strategy as players take turns to carefully remove one block at a time from the tower and then balance it on top. The goal is to keep the tower from toppling over. It’s a game that requires a steady hand, keen concentration, and a dash of luck.

The miniaturized size of these blocks adds an extra level of challenge to the game, making it perfect for travel or playing in smaller spaces. It’s suitable for players of all ages, from kids to adults, and it’s a great choice for family game nights or gatherings with friends.


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